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Courier Mail Claims of 50% of Builders at Risk, Tamawood Ltd is NOT one of them

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Tamawood Ltd reaffirms that it is NOT one of the 50% of Queensland builders at risk of insolvency as reported in the Courier Mail today.

Tamawood highlights the following that supports this view:
• QBCC License renewal, received 5 November 2021, showing financial capacity is more than double the current license revenue being used.
• Tamawood remains debt free with in excess of $3.195 million in the bank and a
further $1.628 million expected in early December.

In addition, Tamawood wrote to the Federal Treasurer on May 27, 2020 to strongly oppose the introduction of the HomeBuilder Grant. This is further highlighted by our Chairman’s comments in the Financial Review on the same date. Since the introduction of the grant, Tamawood has moved quickly to take appropriate measures to avoid losing the $40,000 per job as reported in the Courier Mail. The measures include:
• Adjusting our contract prices starting in July 2020 and continuing over the past
18 months in line with supplier and subcontractor rate rises.
• We are working hard to retain key suppliers and subcontractors.
• Retaining key staff.

Tamawood is well placed to complete all of its customer contracts and continues to work together with its key suppliers and subcontractor network to minimise delays to the completion of our customers’ homes and continue with the 14 day average payment term to subcontractors. To date we have not approached any clients, where the delay was not cause by the clients, for the cost of delays.

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